Whether new to Prague or a seasoned veteran, many may not be aware of some peculiar laws in this country.

Headlights on at ALL Times

According to Czech law, all moving vehicles are required to keep their headlights on at all times, even on sunny days. Failure to comply with this law can result in a fine of 2000 CZK.

No Writing on the Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall, known as a symbol of resistance and freedom of speech worldwide, has enacted a largely unknown regulation. In the past, people would frequently graffiti crude slogans or images on the wall, leading to conflicts with security. To address this, a designated portion of the wall was allocated for public use.

This designated section allows for visitors to write on the wall with marker or chalk, but the sections remain poorly laid out.  Additionally, there are certain days allotted to visitors being allowed to spray paint the wall, with the exact dates of these also being unspecified. Individuals can be detained by the police for up to a year if caught writing on the wrong part or spray painting on the wrong days.

Photo by: Rose Mayer

Radio & Television Fee

If you own a device capable of receiving radio or TV stations, you are required to pay a fee, regardless of whether you use it or not. There are a few exceptions for individuals who are deaf (for radio) or blind (for television). The monthly tax for television is 135 CZK, while the radio tax is 45 CZK.

No Single-Use Plastics

While this law has become the norm in the EU, it may still come as strange to Americans and other third-country nationals. In late 2022, the Czech Republic enacted this ban on the production and distribution of single-use plastics such as straws and cups. 

Photo by: Alex Marshall

No Spitting Chewing Gum

Under Czech cleanliness laws, it is illegal to spit out chewing gum or discard cigarette butts on the ground. There are plenty of trash cans located all around the city to help combat this common problem.

These are just a few examples of the sometimes unusual laws in the Czech Republic. It’s always a good idea to become familiar with the local regulations to avoid any surprises!