Lennon Wall is the student magazine of Anglo-American University in Prague.

Published since October 2000, we’ve been reporting on the University’s and world’s current developments that matter. Values of the magazine – which is free speech and democracy – are the same as of the famous Prague’s Lennon Wall.

The magazine is a nonpartisan platform for aspiring reporters and future writers. We are independent from the University governing body’s influence, thus provide balanced coverage of high journalism standards.

LW print issue is around the campus once per semester, while the online publication brings stories to light weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Lennon Wall?

Lennon Wall is a magazine ran by the students of the Anglo-American University. We are passionate about journalism, writing, photography, video-making, PR, marketing and more. Our goal is to inform and entertain the student society while empowering young artists to find their voice. We hope to contribute to the student’s experience, career choice and AAU community. Follow us on our Facebook page, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Why contribute to Lennon Wall?

  • To enhance your professional skills.
  • To showcase your works.
  • To strengthen your CV/Resume.
  • To expand your professional network.
  • To get a recommendation letter from the Editor-in-Chief and the Dean
  • To attend art galleries/concerts/events for free.
  • To receive the Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship.

How often does the print issue of the magazine come out?

We print one printed issue per semester, and printed newsletters monthly.

How can I contribute?

Find out which category your work fits in the most:

  1. On Campus: (400-600 words) news and events happening at our university.
  2. Czech News: (400-600 words) news, events, stories, profiles from all around the Czech Republic.
  3. Sports News: (400-600 words) sporting events, games, news in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  4. Art and Culture: (400-700 words) events, movies, music (Album reviews, Concert and Festival promos), art (Exhibition/Theatre/Opera reviews).
  5. Opinion and Creative: (600-900 words) opinion pieces, features, poems, creative stories.
  6. Multimedia: photography, videos, radio.

I do not attend the School of Journalism, can I still contribute?

We love to hear from all of the AAU students and encourage any type of participation. Share with us your knowledge in politics, business, art, photography, creative writing, reporting or video-making!

I have never written an article before.

We have section editors who will go through your article and suggest changes/edits. As long as you are interested in writing or want to improve your writing skills, we are glad to help. However, keep in mind that we work on a very tight schedule. For example, if your article is event-related, then we need to have it as quickly as possible.

Can I contribute in any other way?

We also welcome other skills, such as marketing, PR, event-planning, copy-editing/proofreading (English native speakers required), web-editing, and InDesign.  

Can I become the Editor-in-chief of the Lennon Wall?

Yes, you can. Being the Editor-in-chief is a part of the AAU’s Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship. 

Anglo-American University rewards the most committed students of the BA Journalism program with the Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship for their contribution to the AAU student newspaper. [Read more here]

Please do not hesitate to contact lennon.wall@aauni.edu if you have any further questions!