The horse racing season has just begun with a big turnout for the second race day in Prague as soccer, basketball, and hockey enter their summer off-seasons.

For students, this would be a fun way to spend an afternoon because the track gives half-off discounts to ISIC cardholders, making entry a reasonable 100 CZK.

“My daughter really likes to see the horses. And I like to try to win money, but I usually don’t,” said Adam, a spectator who brought his eight-year-old daughter with him.

On race days, gamblers and families alike head to the track for a day out with traditional Czech sausages, beer, and trdelník. The events in the Czech Republic are different than in the US with a grass track rather than dirt and an ominous clock ticking unlike the classic trumpet that announces the horses entering the starting gate in the US; and in Prague, there is no gunshot.

Photo by: Hayley Gallaher

The minimum bet is 50 CZK per race, and most days have eight total. If you were to bet the minimum for every race and lose each time, the total cost for students would be 500 CZK, but there is always a possibility of making money too. 

“I haven’t won anything yet, but there are still four races to go and I mainly just wanted to have a day out with my daughter, so I’m still having a good time and I think she is too,” added Adam.

The racetrack and restaurants at Chuchle Arena—on the outskirts of the city in Prague 5—open at 12:00 where activities like horse riding are free for kids while adults must pay. The races begin at 14:00 and typically finish at 18:00. 

Photo by: Hayley Gallaher

On 12 May, the Czech 2000 Guineas event will attract an even larger crowd, but the more prestigious horses will race on 23 June for the Czech Derby, one of the biggest horse racing events in the Czech Republic.

There are many more races coming this summer and into fall, so saddle up. There’s money to be lost and fun times to be had. 

“I love coming here, my dad used to take me and I had a blast. I hope my daughter remembers this as well,” said Adam.