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Petr Fiala’s Shopping Trip and Tesco’s Financial Challenges: Czech Economic Realities

Prime Minister Petr Fiala's recent shopping expedition to Germany exposed notable price differences, echoing Tesco's 85.6% profit drop and the retail store,...

The Art of the Basketball Mixtape

Unlike other American professional sports, basketball requires branding at a young age to become successful.

Cafe Tramvaj: Prague’s Scenic Yet Pricey Stop

Café Tramvaj at Wenceslas Square, which boasts an authentic Czech atmosphere, has faced significant criticism for its perceived exploitation of tourists. 

Struggles of Working in Czechia on a Student Visa

A majority of students work while they study, but what if they do not have a work visa?

Art and Culture

A Guide to Thanksgiving in Prague

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and while in the US it comes with time-off, expats in the Czech Republic are cashing in their...

The Twilight Zone of Airports: Sweden’s Runway that Takes a Different Direction

A run-of-the-mill airport is as expected: shoes off, electronics out, walk through the detector, and keep your head down so as not...

Ambix: A Culinary Journey into Romani Culture 

Proclaiming to be the only authentic Romani restaurant in Prague, Ambix Gypsy Club and Restaurant provides an opportunity to delve into the...

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