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The Safety Dance: Not All Skills Can Be Transferred Online

Dance and stretching studios claim that their activities cannot be transferred to an online mode. During the pandemic, dance and stretching studios experienced far more...

The Boat That Rocked: sex, rock n’ roll, and an awful...

If there’s such thing as hope, 2009’s The Boat That Rocked is what it looks like! The Boat That Rocked — known in some countries...

Trip to the Warwick Castle

  This photo story is a virtual tour of both Warwick castles' exterior and interior. It uses various angels highlighting how this castle interacts with...

Berlinale: Symphony of a Great City

Once a year, Berlin - one of the brightest and multicolored cities of Europe swarmed with busy people running to and fro like ants...


Douce France

In Paris, one could almost swear that the words of Douce France can be heard on every street corner. Despite its simple melody and...

Life under lockdown – what it’s like living in Europe’s worst-hit country

Never in my life did I think I would experience a global pandemic, let alone in the middle of the country that has just...

Coffeeshop culture: not another tourist trap

*As a disclaimer, I should first say you should not go to Amsterdam just for the coffeeshop culture because the city has so much...

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