Photo Essay: Charles the Barista

I’ve always had a passion for coffee. To me it is so much more than just a drink to keep you awake. It’s a beverage...

Video: What it is like working as a Tour Guide in...

Korean tour guide Dawoon Yoon shares about her work and life in the City of Light - Paris. Video made by Seyeon Wang and Jihyun Kim

Slutsky’s Case and Feminism in Russia

Farida Rustamova, a journalist from BBC’s Russian Service comes to Leonid Slutsky's office to get comments about Marine Le Pen's visit to Russia. Slutsky is...

History, Food, and Independence in Girona

Girona is “not Barcelona”, a reputation earned in recent years by the fact that budget airline RyanAir considers Girona a Barcelona airport, leading to...


Double Standards

Men in control used to be a societal truism, and we’ve made a lot of progress to move past that, but the end of...

Has the Lennon Wall Magazine Become a Tabloid?

“You can't satisfy everyone.” Karina said to me. “Your main concern is the magazine and its content.” Karina Verigina was the editor-in-chief of Lennon...

Petition: Decrease the Tuition Fee for the “Internship” Course at AAU

It's ridiculous that AAU students must pay 16,600 crowns for internship credits, which is the same amount as a regular class. The school is not...

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