Who is Sam Casper?

Up ahead, dazzling LA-based pop artist, Sam Casper (@samxxcasper on Instagram) discusses her music career. Samantha has chosen to be herself and...

Analysis of Cabaret Dancer

Museum Kampa houses a permanent exhibition titled Kupka / Gutfreund: Masters of World Art. The exhibition contains pieces from artist František Kupka,...

One World Film Festival Reflects on the “Cost of Safety”

Theaters across 28 cities in the Czech Republic opened their doors from March 22 to April 4 for One World Film Festival,...

Who is Vianney Harelly

San Diego-based Vianney Harelly is a writer, artist, and public speaker. The raw emotion in her work has touched the hearts of...


Relationships and Life After Assault

TW: Mentions of rape and sexual assault I was raped when I was 15. It's...

University’s Value in Today’s Economy

University prepares young people for the work world, but add on children, an uncertain economy, and different countries, and the question is:...

Gum v9.1 Lyrical Analysis

Devon Again is a Los Angeles-based, American singer-songwriter, who gained traction on TikTok in June of 2022.  She came out with her...

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