Canons of Bohemia

How many contrasting meanings can a single word be allowed to have? A kingdom, a lifestyle, an ethnicity, and an artistic movement, the word...

‘The Student of Prague (1913)’ Review

On average, in the past decade, 104 horror movies were made each year. Although only one horror movie, “The Silence of the Lambs”, has...

Hana Podolská, Czech Fashion For The First Republic

The harmony of the whole, with attention to detail, is my joy. H. Podolská, 1926 May 19, 2019, is the last day for fashion fanatics to...

YouAllDroveMeCrazy, 5.04.2019

Join us at 6 pm on Friday the 5th of April for an art exhibition with a twist: free hand-poked tattoos!   The creative company...


Myths of Cultural Appropriation

“I have always felt the need to look like the white women on the television screen. I knew that I did not look like...

Asking Before Aperture

In 1999, an American photographer named Philip-Lorca diCorcia set up his camera and took a random series of people in Times Square, New York...

Double Standards

Men in control used to be a societal truism, and we’ve made a lot of progress to move past that, but the end of...

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