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Forgetting the Tram and Making a Trek: Hiking in Prague

As a symbol of unplugging, basking in silence, and breathing beyond the stench of cigarettes, hiking in Prague is filling up trails...

Julyssa Rose: Self Taught Metalsmith

Chicago native Julyssa Rose is a metalsmith, jewelry designer, and writer. When she isn’t thoughtfully crafting nostalgic-inspired pieces, she posts photography and...

Fighting Fast Fashion: With Alex Andradoiron

As the clothing industry rapidly changes due to increases in consumerism, so does the demand for fast fashion. 

Art During Wartime

When war enters a country, it destroys and affects every aspect of people's lives. The Russian-Ukrainian war, declared by President Vladimir Putin...

Art and Culture

El Che Guevara: the Man Behind the Image

Che Guevara, or El Che, was a revolutionary whose views on capitalism did not waver. Somehow his image has come to mean...

University’s Value in Today’s Economy

University prepares young people for the work world, but add on children, an uncertain economy, and different countries, and the question is:...

Gum v9.1 Lyrical Analysis

Devon Again is a Los Angeles-based, American singer-songwriter, who gained traction on TikTok in June of 2022.  She came out with her...

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