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AAU’s Earth Day Celebrations

AAU students and clubs banded together to celebrate Earth Day on Monday 22 April with activities varying from a swap event and...

Student Council Holds EU Voting Event to Encourage Students to Vote

European Union elections are happening in June this year, and, amidst low voting turnout in the Czech Republic, AAU Student Council held...

Outraged by Underfunding: Should Students Reconsider a Career in Academics?

Czech higher education is underfunded, according to the newly released 2024 education budget, predicting a future lacking in teachers and researchers as...

Farmers and Right-wing Protesters at Malostranská

Hundreds of farmers attempted to disrupt traffic outside of the Hlavní nádraží railway station on 19 February in protest of excessive bureaucracy...

Art and Culture

Spring Break Travel to Places Celebrating Ramadan

As spring break coincides with Ramadan, non-fasting students may feel uncertain about traveling to countries that celebrate the holiday, but they do...

Na zdraví: A Video-story about Czech Beer

By: Egil Trones Christiansen and Eline Østby Stener This short documentary, courtesy of the Video...

Unveiling the Magic of READing: A Journey through Elmgreen and Dragset’s READ Exhibition

The latest exhibition at Kunsthalle, titled READ by Elmgreen and Dragset, creates a discussion among art and literature students alike.

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