Victoria Kiper


Czech Holiday Traditions: A Rich Tapestry of Culture and Heritage

The Czech Republic has a rich cultural heritage, with unique and centuries-old holiday traditions that are still celebrated today.

Best Cafés for Studying in Prague: A Guide for Productive Students

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Lampionový Průvod: A Magical Lantern Procession

In anticipation of St. Martin's Day (Nov. 11) festivities, Czechs are busy preparing paper lanterns that hold both cultural and political significance.

Dušičky: Remembering the Dead in the Czech Republic

By: Victoria Kiper The Czech holiday Dušičky (All Souls' Day) often draws comparisons to Halloween due to its...

Uncovering Unusual Laws in the Czech Republic

Whether new to Prague or a seasoned veteran, many may not be aware of some peculiar laws in this country.

Exploring the Beauty of Brutalist Architecture in Prague with Matouš Pudil

Matouš Pudil, the creative force behind the successful Instagram page @prgbrut, talks to us about what first drew him to the Brutalist...