All your Favorite Artists at the Aerodrome

  The three day Festival in the Sky in Panenský Týnec, 53 km outside of Prague, is an event you do not want to miss....

Mythos Europa Exhibit: Europe’s Eternal War as told by ​ANTOINETTE

Located in Mala Strana, halfway to the Prague Castle, sits the Museum Montanelli (MuMo) currently hosting an intricate and exquisite art show till the...

This is Not an Oboe: Music and Fairy Tale exhibit in...

Hudba a Pohádka Music and Fairy Tale exhibit at the Czech Music Museum is full of mystic wonder, child-friendly interactions, and a graphical error. The...

When in Rome

Does “no” translate in Italian? “Africa?” “Excuse me?” “Africa!! Have you heard of Africa?” Emma, my travel partner, and I exchange confused expressions as...


Go Learn Something Today

There is nothing lax about my school’s attendance policy. It’s almost universal at Chapman that if you have more than three unexcused absences for...

The Spring 2018 Green Issue is Here!

From the Editor The days are longer, the nights are sweeter, the colors are brighter. Green, the color of life and calmness, is gaining ground...

Lessons from Abroad

The semester I spent abroad turned me into an explorer. I’ve always considered myself to be adventurous; I love trying new things, and making...

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