Graduating students of 2024 express discontent at organizers for last minute changes, including the splitting of the event into two sessions because of the number of people, against the backdrop of rising tuition and an expanding student population.

Group A: Business Administration, Business and Law in International Markets, Masters and MBA Masters, Humanities for Visual Arts: old and new, Media and Communication Studies, and Journalism and Media Studies, will commence proceedings from 9:30-11:30.

From 13:00 to 15:00, Group B’s ceremony will follow with Humanities and Social Sciences, Humanities Society and Culture, Humanities MASTERS, International Relations, International Relations & Diplomacy MASTERS, Political Science LLB.

Photo via: AAU 2021 Events Flickr

A rehearsal session, scheduled for June 20th at 13:00, aims to take students through the graduation procedures. 

Students have been voicing their discontent among these logistical adjustments. Many students remain unsettled by this latest modification, compounded by a previous change in venue.

“I understand the logistical need for two ceremonies, but AAU has been well aware of the size of our graduating class and I don’t appreciate that they waited until close to graduation to tell the students, especially after they also changed to a smaller venue against student wishes,” said graduating student Hannah Schermer.

“Although we still would have needed two ceremonies, the larger venue could have accommodated for more students to see their friends graduate,” Schermer added.

An AAU spokesperson sent an email emphasizing the strict adherence to a formal dress code, with men required to wear suits and ties and women advised to wear either “a dressy suit, dress or pantsuit and dress shoes.”

As graduation day approaches, excitement is tempered by apprehension and lingering dissatisfaction. From the shifting location to the change in graduation groups, this underscores the challenges faced by this year’s cohorts.