With the academic semester coming to a close and temperatures quickly dropping, students flock to cosy cafés, finding refuge from the cold while cramming for their impending final exams.

Cafés make studying easy with their cosy feel and comforting drinks. In Prague, there are plenty of choices to suit different study styles. They’ve got quiet spots for deep focus and lively spaces to amp up productivity.

This guide explores Prague’s top cafés, ensuring effective study sessions accompanied by delightful coffee.

Photo by: Sophia Pedigo


No list would be complete without including this study staple, located at Škrétova 490 in Praha 2. Cafedu offers a wonderful environment for studying, including a café and a non-stop study room. There is fast Wi-Fi and plenty of outlets.

The café offers food and drinks, including vegan options! In order to use the study room, registration is required for a small fee (100 CZK per day), and you can gain access via your ISIC or Litacka cards. You can also use their online reservation system to reserve a table in the café at no cost, which is helpful as you can expect it to be booming with students at all hours.

Photo by: Andrii Kolisnychenko


A top study spot in Prague, Misto offers a relaxed setting with a beautiful interior featuring exposed wood for an inviting feel. Notably, it caters to gluten-free diets, providing alternative breads, and offers reasonably priced items, such as a regular filter coffee for around 75 CZK. To ensure you have a table, Misto also provides a reservation system, although the café—located in Praha 6 on Bubenečská 12—is not usually full.


This café is a personal favourite among many. Known for its pleasant environment, it is frequented mostly by locals. Located just a short walk from Zeitraum at Osadní 35, it serves as the perfect spot for impromptu study sessions. The coffee prices are reasonable, with a flat white costing around 80 CZK. 

The food at Osada is highly recommended, although slightly on the pricier side, as scrambled eggs are priced at 145 CZK. One minor inconvenience is that the doors are often left open, so it is advisable for students to bring a jacket if they tend to get chilly easily. Additionally, there is a limited number of tables, so during the lunch rush, one may find themselves without indoor seating options.

Ouky Douky Coffee

Any literary lover would consider this study-spot a dream come true. It exudes an eclectic and quaint atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for studying on Janovského 1118/14, Praha 7. One of the standout features of Ouky Douky is its extended hours, as it is open from 9:00 until midnight. 

While the food may not be extraordinary, the desserts are truly amazing. The prices at Ouky Douky are quite reasonable, with a flat white priced at only 75 CZK. Situated in the charming Holesovice area, this café is highly recommended for those seeking a relaxed and peaceful study session.

Photo by: Sophia Pedigo


An AAU student staple, Vnitroblock is well-loved. While the venue offers much to do, the industrial-style café provides the perfect study spot. This café, on Praha 7’s Tusarova 791/31, is a little pricier, though not as extreme as the centre. A flat white will set you back around 85 CZK. Like the other cafés, Vnitroblock also offers a reservation system. Different levels of noise and activity can await visitors, depending on the time of their visit.

GRAM Café & Bistro

The newest addition, GRAM, opened in October and offers a quiet and clean environment perfect for studying at Záhřebská 23/25, Praha 2. It tends to get busier in the afternoons and evenings, with people coming in to eat. The food and bakery at GRAM are reportedly delicious, although slightly on the pricier side— an omelette is 189 CZK—but a flat white is reasonably priced at 85 CZK. For early birds who want to avoid the lunch crowd, visit GRAM. 

Starbucks Reserve

As cliché as it may be, no list would be complete without mentioning Starbucks, especially the Starbucks Reserve located in New Town. The Starbucks Reserve offers great hours, opening at 7:00, although it does close somewhat earlier at 20:30. Despite its location in a high-traffic area, it is typically not overrun with customers. 

Unlike regular Starbucks locations, the Reserve offers a wide variety of unusual drinks, perfect for those looking to change things up. It is worth noting that prices at the Reserve reflect the unique offerings, with a flat white costing 119 CZK. This Starbucks is located at Jungmannova 750/34, Praha 1.

Whether one prefers a tranquil and cosy atmosphere or a lively and bustling space, there are plenty of cafés to meet every student’s needs. From the convenience of Cafedu and Misto to the charms of Vnitroblock and Ouky Douky, each café presents its own unique ambiance and amenities.