AAU’s Spring Ball enticed students with live music and welcome drinks on the evening of 14 April with a great student and faculty turnout.

With plenty of opportunities for photo ops and champagne flutes passed around, the venue was transformed. Academics, in their formal wear, chatted and laughed, running with friends to catch the music that had just started.

Photo via: AAU Flickr

“I hope people had a great time! And I’m really glad with how it turned out,” said Student Council President, Simone Stansbury. 

Staff and students alike unwound during this Spring event which will be closely followed by the hectic time of finals and thesis deadlines. Some students relaxed and observed from the second floor where two spiral staircases complemented the venue leading down to the dance floor.

Photo by: Madison Codoner

The venue Národni Dum hosted the last AAU ball which took place around the same time, but this semester the ball was held at Empire Hall. Despite the venue change, students still showed enthusiasm for the night.

Tickets for the ball went on sale on 2 April, selling at a discounted price for the first 100 students who bought them. Student Council offered a higher price of 350 CZK for faculty and students who didn’t get them early, as well as 450 CZK tickets for guests who didn’t belong to the school. 

The night began at 18:00 when the doors to the venue opened and live music kicked off at 19:00. Students gathered on the main floor to dance as the trombone player got the party started. 

Photo via: AAU Flickr

“I really enjoyed the jazz duo. They played fun songs that people knew, but the fact that it was live made it fun to dance to. My only regret of the night is not wearing more comfortable shoes,” said third-year International Relations student, Hannah Schermer. 

Halfway through the night, the music switched to a DJ, which brought more modern hits to the dance floor. While no one was wearing apple-bottom jeans, or boots with the fur, that didn’t stop students from singing along. 

Though the semester is coming to a close, Student Council and student-run clubs are continuing to create events that get the whole campus involved, so watch out!