You look so hopeful, but it’s only December
It seems like you don’t really remember
The freezing pain that caused you to close
The biting wind that scathingly blows
The delicate call of lukewarm sunlight
beckons you to loosen your buds, held so tight
Too early for you, too early for me
How could you know? You’re only a tree
Your positivity is now your vulnerability
For this new life will surely die.
Your tender petals bloom in glee
for they know the branches, no longer lonely
Will relish the sight of its adornment
Even if it lasts for just a moment
You were sad, alone; you wanted it to grow
It looked like spring; you couldn’t say “no”
But it’s a sorry attempt to improve your sanity
For these buds, these flowers, it’s all just vanity
But you thought you were ready, in helpless bliss
Stretching forth to conduct photosynthesis
To unshackle yourself from your annual schedule
Maybe this time it’ll work? Don’t be so gullible
Climate change ain’t got that range
For now, winter will last a little longer…
What a waste of all those nutrients
The rain, soil, and sun’s coalescence
Only to end in the winter’s cold ice
Desire for the sun’s smile was your only vice
Love for the laugh of the sun, beaming
Trying to find life in the meaning
He was warm, he was kind; you thought it was true
The sun is gone now. What will you do?
I haven’t checked, but it has gotten colder
So I know the blossoms won’t get much older
Yet I know the waste of energy won’t kill you
And in spring you’ll be as good as new
In our endeavors, we’ll be okay; however,
Our future new life has surely withered.

Prague, 19.12.2020