Students hunker down as the Spring semester of 2024 begins, but starting a new semester after relaxing during the holidays can make working on assignments and meeting deadlines a daunting task.

“Getting back into the routine of getting to school every day and being diligent about getting work done. I would say these are the hardest but most rewarding aspects of starting a new semester,” said Aidan Quigley, a third-year Humanities student.

Facing new schedules and workloads can be overwhelming, but students are also anticipating what activities AAU offers outside the classroom.

“I think there’s a lot to look forward to with each new semester,” said Anna, a second-year Business student, “like meeting new people and joining clubs.”

Anna also mentions one event she is particularly looking forward to: “The back-to-school parties typically have free food and games, and it’s really fun to go with a group of friends.”

Photo by: Ela Angevine

The Back to School Party will be the first event of the semester held in Cafe Des Taxis on Friday, 16 February at 18:00. Hosted by the Student Council, the party offers discounted drinks, free pizza, and games.

“I think back to school parties are a perfect way to meet new people and ease back into student life,” said John, a second-year Journalism student.

The excitement of a new semester doesn’t stop there as AAU’s club season has commenced. Any student who would like to continue their club from previous semesters should update their club form by 13 February, and any student who would like to start a new club should fill out an application by 29 February.