“When the porn appeared in my life – I found the harmony” – says Black Bunny, a 21-year-old porn actress, living and studying in Prague.

Bunny openly speaks about her occupation, “Everybody watches porn, your relatives, your friends, your parents. I imagined the moment when everybody knows [about my job], including my mother, my grandmothers, cousins, classmates, everybody. I imagined them calling me, asking the questions, insulting me, rejecting me. I imagined the worst and decided that I would live with that. I decided that if my job seems unacceptable for someone then this person is unacceptable for me. It is a natural selection, if you want. In my opinion, if people accept me, they accept my job. ”  

Black Bunny, a 21-year-old porn actress, living and studying in Prague

Bunny is not the exception, she is only one of the numerous students working in this infamous sphere. Her colleague, Marylin, who manages to combine studying at the University of finance and administration with dancing in a striptease bar, explains that the total opennesses about this kind of job is rare: “My friends know; my parents don’t. I think the less you know, the better you sleep. That’s why my parents have colorful dreams.”

Prague is famous for its loyalty towards the sex industry. Prostitution rooted here before the middle ages; pornography studios productively work and put the Czech Republic at the top list of porn-producing countries. Numerous striptease bars and erotic massage salons open their doors to the tourists who come to Prague, second only to Amsterdam. All these kinds of business are well developed and – more importantly – legal. Seeking money and adventures, students accept the jobs generously offered by the sex industry.

“I can hardly imagine myself in another kind of job because it is just boring. Here I meet new people every day. Every day I get a new experience, people’s energy,” – says Yuliana, a 23 year old student from Charles University who works as a masseuse in the salon of erotic massage. She emphasizes its difference from prostitution, “sex is restricted in the salon – oral, anal, classic – all kinds. Orgasm at the end of massage is reached either with the help of the masseuse’s hands, or while she slides on the client and stimulates him with the breasts or the stomach”. She explains that sex workers are unfairly stigmatized. She stands for calling it a normal job and explains that there are people who like it.I like to give pleasure to people. I like to see how they come here tired and stressed and how I help them release it.Bunny and Marylin support that view; they both claim that the stereotype of drug addicted desperate girls involved in this industry against their will or under pressure of circumstance is no longer relevant.

“I would have the same attitude towards a waitress or a president. It is just an occupation,” notes Bunny.

Along with the risk of being stigmatized because of sex related jobs, the girls describe the disadvantages. Health risks vary in extent: falling off the pylon wearing high heels, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and unpleasant clients top this list. The girls confess that misinterpretation of their profession is very annoying. The clients and the customers often do not see the difference between the strippers, the erotic masseuses and the prostitutes and often ask for more than the offered service.

 “Men have no logic. At all. ” – Yuliana laconically comments this problem.

This negative side, however, is surpassed by the positives. Good money for less time and effort alongside the curiosity and will to explore the sexuality of oneself and others play key role in the decision for some students.

“[Doing porn] changed my mind. I started to look at things differently, accepting them.” – explains Bunny. Undoubtedly, the decision to enter the sex industry is a life-changing one. It affects everyday life and the how we view it. “I feel more free, open minded, independent. More precious. I like what I am doing for now. It’s like a big party which never ends.” – confesses Marylin.

Photo courtesy of Black Bunny