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The days are longer, the nights are sweeter, the colors are brighter. Green, the color of life and calmness, is gaining ground again and we cannot be happier. “Spring is here”, you whisper to yourself.

This spring, travel with us. Join Lennon Wall on a trip to the Prague Zoo, to the streets of York, to the gym where the female bodybuilder Vladislava  trains every day, because green means ADVENTURE. The color is also a symbol of HOPE – hope for better gun control in the States, for female abortion rights in Ireland and more. Green symbolizes PROGRESS, such made by Denisa as she helps young Roma in the Czech Republic overcome the discrimination, and by the Czechs as they protest to protect their democracy. That’s what we call spring vibes.

List of Contributors

Managing Editors

Anna Kindyakova

Francesca Popa


Anna Zhadan

Petr Svitil

Anna Kindyakova

Website Editor

Valeria Novitskaia

Social Media Editor

Anelya Kadyrova

Georgiana Shillington


Nel Tomczyk

Irina Nikolaeva

Vasilina Pazdnikova

Mariam Bakhturidze

Stanislav Press

Olivia Traversi

Natalie Kejhova

Olivia Dom

Layout Design

Shirin Kozhoeva


Chau Nguyen

Front Cover by Georgiana Shillington  

Back Cover by Chau Nguyen

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Chau was the Editor-in-Chief of Lennon Wall magazine from July 2017 to June 2018. During her term, she gave editorial directions, oversees the operation and set policies. She was also responsible for the final products of the magazine.