I have just danced in the inferno

I learned to rejoice within these flames

However, I now find myself in a state of crystallization

Congealed in amber, I am rooted in this anti-climactic phase

The world doesn’t demand my reaction, and pain no longer asks to be endured

Yet, my mind never learned the language of silence

My spirit is unfamiliar with this tongue of tranquility

My soul isn’t facing off with a cyclone of burdens for I have conquered all the plagues

What is asked of me is to simply stand still, while peace manifests and surges in my veins

But, who knew those prior tribulations could be so entertaining?

Who would have predicted that pain could induce such powerful catharsis?

In vanquishing my demons, my universe has settled down

And I’m perplexed as to why I am yearning for chaos to ensue once again

Photo Credit: Pexels