The first 20 students to sign up will go to Terezín on 8 March for free as the destination of the first Spring Semester excursion, organized by student council. 

AAU is no stranger to these student outreach trips, providing one to the Prague Zoo and Berlin during previous semesters. The format is largely the same: after the trip is posted on social media, the first students to sign up will not have to pay. This allows the student body access to new places and experiences and ensures the stress of funding such a trip is removed.

These trips have been running over the past few semesters, informing students in an accessible way over Instagram which has proven the best way to reach the student body. During the Fall Semester, student council organized free tickets to Berlin for the first fifteen people, leaving the rest of the day open-ended. 

Seventy-one students interacted with that post on social media—an indicator that students enjoy and want to see more of these offerings. The student council outreach agent, Mila Garrett, is the organizer, choosing where students get to go.

“Living in Czechia, I think it’s really important that students learn the history of the area [both good and bad], and I think a trip to Terezín will be really valuable,” said Garret, “I want to make sure I provide the opportunity for learning experiences…that students may not otherwise engage with on their own trips.”

Terezín is a town in the Czech Republic that now houses a state-funded memoria, which aims to preserve the memory of the victims of racial and political persecution during the years of Nazi occupation. 

Along with simply seeing the memorial, students going on the trip will get a tour of the small fortress and free admission to the Ghetto Museum. This includes a guided tour, after which students are free to explore on their own. 

“I like the trips with AAU because you can get it for free and it’s a good opportunity,” said Abigail Fenchak, a third-year International Relations student.

This event is more than a free trip, allowing academics to dive into the history and tragedies faced within the Czech Republic. The student council Instagram post supplied students with ample information about the itinerary and what they would see on the trip.

Taking place outside of university, this excursion provides an incentive to meet others studying at AAU and experience new places within the country. As the number of free slots has already filled up, many students are eager to participate and keep more events like this coming.