As the 2024 academic semester kicks off, students eagerly anticipate their new class schedules, reminiscent of their 2023 Spotify Wrapped and discovering new playlists that match the New Year.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 reshaped the listening habits of users by providing insights into the geographical locations where their musical preferences often wandered. Alongside personalized playlists, listeners were treated to surprise messages from their top artists.

As students gear up for a fresh academic semester, there’s a sense of curiosity about what lies ahead. The end-of-year academic wrap-up had students looking ahead on their new class schedule, thesis writing, or simply focusing on passing their classes. 

The culmination of the Spotify Wrapped frenzy occurred as the final slide revealed the option to share individualized top lists—much like students sharing their academic accomplishments and goals for the upcoming semester with their friends and family, fostering a sense of community.

Users can share their wrapped lists on Tiktok, Instagram, or Twitter, contributing to the growing trend of creating memes and puns that add to the excitement surrounding Spotify Wrapped. 

Spotify isn’t the sole contributor to the “wrapped mania.” Organizations are adopting the Spotify Wrapped format on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram with their unique twists. Just as Instagram’s ‘Environment by Impact’ reflected on environmental issues, academic institutions may showcase achievements during end-of-semester celebrations where students unwind, friends grab a beer, and teachers finalize grades.

Even Meriiam-Webster, the renowned dictionary publishing company, joined in on the trend. On Tiktok, they posted a playful “wrapped” video, poking fun at common misspellings, grammatical errors, and vocabulary debates, including neverending academic challenges like the common confusion over they’re, their, and there.

As students prepare to hit the books once more, they can reminisce fondly on old playlists but also discover new music and unknown artists just waiting to join their study sessions.