The word Burlesque derives from the Italian word “burlesco”, which is formed from the Italian “burla” – a joke. Modern burlesque is known as an entertaining theatrical erotic show, close to the musical and vaudeville genres, and such shows can be seen in the cabaret. The main elements of burlesque shows are dance, circus, comedy and conversational numbers. 

In May of this year, the Kabaret Punklesque celebrated its first birthday. After graduation from the Prague Burlesque Academy more than a year ago, five gorgeous and confident women with a unique sense of humour, Lady Annahell, Chantilly Noire, Ginger Wixxie, Natálie Mooshabrová and Violet de Valor, have decided to join creative forces with awesome principal #principalbezejmena to create something new. The experiment was successful! Thanks to the courage and boundless imagination of the troupe, the audience can see the beauty of the nudes, regardless the size and body shape; grace of movements; and the magnificence of costumes. They usually invite special guests, burlesque performers and musicians to make shows even grander and to add additional colour and contrast. This is not your typical burlesque show, but rather a more creative and entertaining way to present a unique spectacle in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

Shows take place every month in a small bar in Vinohrady named Mandragora; the number of tickets is limited, and they all sold out a few weeks before the show. If you want to see it yourself, hurry up!