Prepare to be entranced by Prague’s 11th annual Signal Festival, consisting of over 17 world-famous displays that seem to alter reality with the use of light design, AI, and digital art, spread throughout the city from October 12-15.

The installations will immerse you in a world of coffee using audiovisual techniques like authentic aroma and sound or allow you to play with and control a virtual waterfall on your mobile phone. From 19:00 to 24:00, you can roam Prague, expanding your artistic knowledge while enjoying works from some of the most talented artists and studios, such as Accurat (IT) and Andrej Boleslavsky. 

“It’s a perfect way to bring your friends together and explore different areas of Prague,” said AAU student Kathrynn Huynh, who attended the festival last year. 

Photo: Jiri Sebek in Signal Festival Gallery

The festival was founded by producer Martin Pošta, curator Jan Rolník, and artist Amar Mulabegovič. It has now become the most attended cultural event in Prague and brings in millions of visitors thanks to its colourful interactivity. 

“The light shows seem to bring the city alive,” said Annelise Edvardsen, another AAU student. Students may be debating whether to spend money on this event. Luckily, most of the installations are completely free. Thanks to the map provided by the Signal Festival website, you can see the location of each installation, a description, and whether there’s a fee. If you want to access the limited-capacity gallery installation, tickets are 340 CZK. To avoid the queues and get early access, VIP tickets are 1690 CZK, and all tickets are available on the website.

Photo: Refik in Signal Festival Gallery