Spring is in the air and the semester is becoming less bearable. With midterms behind our backs, we can finally dare to glimpse into the summer sun and start thinking about festival season. One such bash will take place near Austrian Nickelsdorf. Tunes of Nova Rock Festival are going to vibrate Burgenland from June 14 till 17. Since its beginning in 2005, each year is branded by names like Sex Pistols, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails or The Prodigy. The 2017’s line-up is not going to stay behind.

The festival serves as a big welcome back party for American-Armenian heavy metal band System of a Down. Who after twelve years of respective silence suddenly announced a release of new album this year and we can hope to hear it debut on Nova Rock grounds. Even if yet-to-be-named new recording won’t be done, witnessing the legendary hit Toxicity sounds just as exciting.

Another 90’s punk rock revenant, Green Day, is back in black or should I say green? On June 17, they will rock Pannonia Fields as part of the Revolution Radio tour. Other interesting names include Linkin Park, Slayer, Blink 182, Sabaton or Rag’n’Bone Man. All of which are really difficult to chase around and the comfort of having them on patch of Nova Rock Festival’s grass is a welcomed breather. Not only for our time schedule, but also for our purses. Speaking in language of cold hard cash, with 170 euro ticket for 3 days of music, Nova Rock will save you from declaring personal bankruptcy, considering concert of Linkin Park or Slayer costs about half of the price for the whole festival. Now some on-site info.

Beside price, other concerns for most festival visitors are transportation, camp and hygiene. Let’s start with the trickiest. How to get to Nickelsdorf? Your best bet is getting from Prague to Vienna and then taking a 50 minute bus ride directly to the Nickelsdorf’s bus station. From there,  festival shuttles will take you directly to the area, despite the transport inconvenience, Nova Rock is definitely worth the hassle.

On the bright side, accommodation is tackled in a way many Czech Festivals can learn from. Toting tent on your back is taxing and can very well discourage one from going at all, that’s why Nova Rock’s tent hotel stands ready for you. With prepared two-man tents, mats and sheets, only thing you’ll have to bring is a sleeping bag. However, the tent hotel services don’t end there, guests can use “reception’s” wake up calls to not miss the favorite band performing. Just be sure to book it beforehand.

Beside the tent hotel, Nova Rock offers camping for caravans and Green Camping area for eco-friendly tent dwellers. All the housing options are also guarded, so you won’t have to worry about the belongings.

Last, but most uncomfortable worry with events such as Nova Rock is where to take a leak? While you probably won’t dodge using portable loo at some point, there will be possibility to use normal toilets, avoiding the embarrassing trips to the nearest gas station or bushes. Also showers will be available, a luxury of very few open air festivals, and believe me, there is nothing as rejuvenating as scrubbing of sweat and dirt after two days of constant circle pitting.

Nova Rock’s program for 2017 is the best rock festivals have to offer in Central Europe. With a good pricing and comfortable stay, you are in for a great time whether Nova Rock will be your goal destination or just a break on a road trip. So, pack your backpack and treat yourself with a four days of pure music experience in the unique setting of Austrian wind turbines. When finals are over I’ll see you there!

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