Life is perfect in its every shape and form. Beauty standards are artificially created by people and are used to judge everyone and everything. But they are nothing more than mind games. In an attempt to understand beauty, people created a concept which is the exact opposite of beauty: ugliness. This is caused by the duality of our minds. Human brain processes abstract concepts by applying a dual filter. No in-depth analysis occurs because we do not have the time or capacity for it. If we processed everything in-detail, we would be overloaded with the data. Sometimes this is helpful and other times it makes people misunderstand and misinterpret things. This is good and this is bad. This is happy and this is sad. This is beautiful and this is ugly. These are just labels which do not reflect the truth. Beauty has many versions. But they need to be explored, uncovered, and comprehended. The goal of this project is to bring attention to the deeper meaning of beauty that is usually overlooked because humans strive to simplify their process of understanding the world around them.

Photo credit: Anastasia Mezenina