If you’re a jogging enthusiast, there’s news to add to your calendar. RunCzech has opened registrations for the most anticipated running events of the coming year, and the best part is that you can run as much or as little as you want.

RunCzech has held annual international marathons since 1995 in different locations in the Czech Republic; however, there is always a marathon held in Prague. 

The 2024 season will start with the Prague Half Marathon on April 6, followed by the Prague International Marathon on May 5. On their website, you have the freedom to choose your preferred location and date for participation.

Carlo Capalbo, President of the RunCzech Organizing Committee, expressed his satisfaction with the positive feedback they’ve received. It’s worth noting that RunCzech races have earned the prestigious World Athletics Elite Label Race designation.

Photo credit: RunCzech

“We were very pleased to hear the words of praise from people from the World and European Athletics, professional runners, enthusiasts, and fans. They let us know loud and clear that they enjoyed our runs, and they look forward to next year,” said Capalbo. 

What sets RunCzech races apart? It’s the combination of beautiful cities, fast routes, organized logistics, creating aand creating a memorable atmosphere that has made these races popular all around the world. Tens of thousands of runners of all ages and skill levels have already taken part in races across the Czech Republic this year, with the Mattoni Liberec Nature Run still to come on September 30th. 

The Prague Half Marathon and the Prague International Marathon have been the most popular, even earning recognition from the Czech President, Petr Pavel.

“Sporting events of this kind are a great opportunity to present our country to the world,” Pavel said at the beginning of this year’s 27th edition of the Prague International Marathon, which also featured the “Battle of the Teams” project, turning running into a competitive sport by combining elite and amateur runners’ times.

After the Prague International Marathon, the RunCzech series will move to other cities. Just two weeks later, the Mattoni Half Marathon Karlovy Vary takes place on May 18. It is followed by the Mattoni Half Marathon in České Budějovice on June 1 and the Mattoni Half Marathon in Olomouc on June 15. The first half of the season concludes with the popular UniCredit Prague Relay on June 25 and 26.

Photo credit: RunCzech

After a summer break, the races return to the Czech capital city. On September 7, the Birell Grand Prix Prague will take place, featuring the Adidas Women’s 5k Run and the Birell 10k Run. Following this, the Mattoni Half Marathon Ústí nad Labem arrives on September 21, with the Mattoni Liberec Nature Run soon to follow.

Even the youngest family members can join in the fun with the DM family mile, which is part of the Prague International Marathon and all regional races. Registering for individual events also supports various foundations and charitable causes.

If you’re new to running and want to join a RunCzech event, you start by entering the registration code for the race to customise your race experience—including location, date, and even order running accessories or merchandise. 

After completing your order if you see the amount to pay as 0 CZK, don’t worry; it means your registration will be confirmed soon. You can check your registration status and event details in your Runners ID profile.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of these exciting running events, tailored to your preferences. It’s not just about the race; it’s a journey through picturesque cities, along fast routes, and towards a healthier, more connected world.