The Czech Republic has the potential to be one of the most innovative countries in Europe. The first international visionary festival “Future Port Prague” will take place in Prague on September 7.

Pražská tržnice in Holešovice will be transformed into a port of the future on September 7, 2017. The city will host “Future Port Prague”, the first international visionary festival and a unique event that the Czech Republic will be experiencing for the first time. The event will present an overview of all major modern technologies that move the world, bringing in experts and inspiration from abroad, while showcasing the Czech Republic’s potential to succeed in the digital revolution and to become one of the most innovative countries in Europe. The festival is organized by Etnetera Group and partners, including Google, Microsoft and T-Mobile.

Drones, electric vehicles, 3D printing, virtual reality, and robots that can talk, walk, jump, and even fly. What was once science fiction is now becoming reality. The future seems to be outpacing our wildest imagination. Future Port Prague gives us a peek into the technological “laboratories” of the best Czech and foreign leaders in their respective fields. The festival will present workshops where attendees can learn how easy using advanced technologies can be. Various lectures and demonstrations of modern technologies will, for example, introduce “food culture” of the future. Pražská tržnice will also host an opening ceremony of the new Prague Startup Center. This festival will also launch an architectural idea competition exploring the potential of the marketplace as a hub of new technologies, culture and social life.

Futurists in Prague Holešovice

It is estimated that the rate of technological development over the next decade will equal, if not surpass, that of the development of the whole 20th century. The curve of technological progress exhibits exponential growth as a result of digitization, which is difficult to perceive due to our linear thinking. The Future Port Festival will explore this phenomenon, show technological trends, and will help people and businesses understand the dynamics of these trends and their impact on business and life. Future Port Festival will present the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Transport, Virtual and Augmented reality, 3D printing, the Internet of Everything, Robotics, the Future of Health, as well as other subjects.

Leading foreign and Czech experts will present their visions of the future. At the Future Port Festival, you can listen to and meet representatives of companies such as Singularity University, Materialise, IMDEA nanociencia, John Hopkins School of Public Health, Faraday Future, or IBM, who will hold panel discussions with top Czech technology experts. The theory of exponential changes in the entire field of technology will be presented by former Vice Governor of the Czech National Bank and the founder of 6D Academy, Pavel Kysilka.

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