Many soon-to-be graduates attended the final Trivia Night for the Spring semester which was one of the last campus events for them to participate in and was echoed in the high-stakes, competitive atmosphere.

As many University events throughout the semester are held in Café Des Taxis, such as Professors in the Pub and school parties, Trivia Night only takes place once a month. The house was packed—easily 60 students were present, a usual number for this event.

“Graduation is coming up, and I’m trying to go to as many events at school as I can. It also gives students a great sense of community,” said Milla Warren, a 3rd year International Relations student.

The quiz, as usual, was hosted by Business Administration Professor Joel Imhoof who began the tradition of organizing trivia nights at local Prague cafés eight years ago.

“In 2016, I started organizing trivia nights… I was getting students from different Universities across Prague to have a Uni vs. Uni pub quiz. The atmosphere [at AAU] is amazing, and I thought I would host here,” said Imhoof.

The winning team included Professor Daniela Chalaniova, Jack Van Houten and his wife Stef Van Houten, Finn Chapman, Serena Bush, and Anne Eaton. Each member of the first place team won a 250 CZK voucher to the AAU Merch store while the second place team members won 100 CZK vouchers to the Cafe, and the third place team won a round of drinks. 

Imhoof mentioned the prizes awarded may change in future trivia nights at AAU which are sure to be just as popular.