What all started out as a sightseeing tour in a tiny town in China has now blossomed into a one of a kind business in the heart of Prague.

24-year old Anita Hrubesova, a Masters student at the Anglo-American University, was on her vacation in the Far East when she came across a little shop which stored people’s letters until a certain time in the future, after which it is then given to a lucky recipient as a surprise.

Hrubesova brought the idea with her back to the Czech Republic and started her own letter-crafting, beautifying and storage business aptly named From Prague to Future on her birthday.

“With our company people have the opportunity to send us their letters which we then store for a period of one to ten years depending on their wishes,” she said. “We then beautify these letters, perfume them, seal them with wax stamps and tie them with ribbons. The whole purpose of this is to make a beautiful memory for the recipient which lasts forever.”

“The concept completely took my breath away. I remember giving little gifts to my friends and sending postcards which made them feel so happy and that was also another reason for me to start this venture.”

People also have the option of typing out their letter and sending it to the company where they then handwrite it for them.

“The idea revolves around the happiness and joy it gives to people. Say for example a married couple comes to Prague for a holiday and the husband decides to write a letter about their time spent here. He gives us the letter and we store and beautify it, then after say three years, we send it to his wife as a complete surprise. It’s such a loving and kind gesture.”

According to Hrubesova, South Korea has been their main market because Prague is one of the favorite destinations for them. “South Koreans love the city of Prague. It’s mentioned so highly by them and they love to send postcards to their friends and family.”

So far, the company has received many orders from places all over the world and Hrubesova says the business is definitely growing.

The company accepts letters from all over the world and can send them to any address on the globe upon the wishes of their customers.


Pictures by From Prague to Future