Wiped out of memory, gone childhoods and old hometowns,

Left in the past, first loves, and fears, and doubts.

We treasure what beckons our minds to go for walks outside our bodies,

Forget to thank what keeps us firmly on the ground.

Forget to credit art that speaks of life we’re living

And people swearing they will always be around.

Forget to change for those who keep forgiving.

Let go, with time, of trying hard to lead an honest life.

So here’s an ode for favorite movies we’ve forgotten

And cherished dreams, that, years ago, have come alive.

For memories inside our heads, belonging to somebody

Who shaped us without falling into pride.

An ode for years that are long gone and their fair spirits

That every day remind us who it is we really are.

For sunken treasures of our souls, our ancient diamonds,

That, for a rainy day, we each keep in our hearts.

Photo credits: Iryna Volkovska