Now that the sun, after a few hints of sunshine, has definitely found its way to Prague, it puts the city in a different perspective. Obviously, I adore Prague in its bright as well as its gloomy days, but my photographer’s eye prefers the sunny days. The sun changes the way we see things, both inside and outside ourselves. If the sun changes our views, then what do the shadows do? To me, they add yet another layer to that what intrigues me so much about Prague. Maybe the things we’re not used to are inherently more interesting than the things that belong to our daily décor. With all respect to Amsterdam, my hometown, Prague is painted with such a different pallet that I can’t stop taking photos of it. In the beginning, I could not really distinguish one theme that catches my eye the most. Now, scrolling through my photos, it’s obvious that I have a thing for light and the different ways it plays with everyday scenes. It’s always good to be aware of what your eyes like, right? This series is a pick of the photos that best represented this theme of lights and shadows.

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