Café Tramvaj at Wenceslas Square, which boasts an authentic Czech atmosphere, has faced significant criticism for its perceived exploitation of tourists. 

Critiques of the café often include terms like inflated prices, subpar service, and deceptive practices. This review of Tramvaj aims to provide insights for individuals planning to visit or bring relatives. 

Initial expectations of seating within the tram were shattered upon realizing that the actual seating was only available outside, as clarified by a café server: “I prepare your coffees in the tram and serve them outside.” 

The café was surrounded by two classic red trams with coffee machines installed inside, where the servers would prepare food and coffee.

Photo by: Adelle Holmer

However, seating outside was nice, if not unexpected, from how it was advertised, and tables were under a tent to avoid the rain. One review read that “in fine weather,” it is a good place to sit and enjoy a drink.

Despite the 90-100 CZK coffee prices, which shock locals, tourists seem less off-put by this cost. Compared to other Prague cafés, Tramvaj leans towards the expensive side, with the barista emphasizing that people primarily come for the picturesque view, which is commendable.

One AAU student, Annelise Edvardsen, said the café seems very touristy but would go if it was an “in-the-moment thing.”

Tramvaj’s 2-star TripAdvisor rating largely stems from complaints about unsatisfactory service, notably due to the nondisclosure of their cash-only policy, which is atypical for touristy cafés in Prague.

I was not initially informed upon arrival, but my server did mention this and inquired if it posed any issues before I placed my order. After ordering an espresso, I was pleased with the quality and enjoyed my beverage while observing the busy streets on either side of the café. 

This café is a bit misleading, but the barista assured me that “we are under new ownership” and “we were good, but now we are better.”