The Back To School Party, organized by Student council, was the first event of the Spring Semester, featuring free pizza, discounted drinks, and a condom piñata on Friday, 16 February.

A few minutes before start time, the room was mostly empty, but with the first verse of Beyonce’s new song and the arrival of pizza, the number of students doubled. Soon, the room was filled with students dancing, waiting in line for food, or going outside to play beer pong. 

“I came for the pizza and stayed for the early 2000’s hits,” said a third-year International Relations attendee. Once the music picked up, so did students on the dance floor, none of whose hips lied. 

Photo by: Madison Codoner

Now, in mid-February, students have assignments and are adjusting to a life of tests and essays. The party acted as a well-deserved break just as school started again. Twenty CZK drinks and the promise of free food were enough to entice a crowd of hungry academics.

“We thought this event was a huge success. We always enjoy collaborating with Kieran and the Cafe team. We always appreciate the feedback from students and made changes this semester, including food, both in type and quantity,” said Niyota, the Events Coordinator for the Student Council. 

Decorated for Valentine’s Day, the cafe was transformed in the late evening light. Students took chances on the DJ booth and started a conga line that ran across the space’s interior. The event raged on as students sang an early Happy Birthday to Student Council President, Simone, and more pizza was delivered.

Ending the night, the piñata attracted blindfolded students waiting to get a swing at the paper mache object. It was easier said than done, with the drinks consumed by the participants not doing much to help.

 Student Council has more events its sleeve to be seen in the upcoming months, such as the Ball in April, which students seem to be excited about.