Spring semester is almost halfway through, and AAU’s Dancing Club is in full swing.

AAU’s Dancing Club had its first meeting of the semester on Tuesday, 20 February at the Politických vězňů 8 studio in Nove Mesto. Liza Korytnyk, a third-year business student, founded the club during her first semester in 2021 to share her hobby with her peers.

Many members of Dancing Club are beginner-level dancers, though there are a few experienced dancers. During meetings, Liza teaches Hip-Hop choreography, but ventures out into other dance genres, such as ballroom, during the club’s workshops.

“Most people think that dancing is about showing off—for me it’s not. I think about dance as self-exploring, feeling your soul, connecting to your body… this is something that I’m trying to teach club members,” said Liza.

Photo by: Ansley Kunzer

To further instill the importance of connecting to one’s body, Liza explains that this is the reason she wouldn’t want the club members to feel pressured to compete. Competitive dance can lead to comparing oneself to someone else and creates a negative learning environment.

Anyone can join AAU’s Dancing Club at no cost, as the club is AAU-funded through the Student Council. This Thursday, 21 March, there is a special Ballet Class offered from 19:00 to 20:15 with professional Anna Hayden at the Politických vězňů 8 studio in Naměsti Miru, where they meet each week.

This is part one of a Club Highlights series, featuring AAU’s many student-run clubs and their leadership.