Rejoice, all couch potatoes: this list of Halloween destinations will get you in the spooky spirit without draining your social battery. 

Halloween weekend is anticipated by university students all over the world—a chance to break out the skimpy costumes and hydrate with ambiguous jungle juice. This guide offers some Halloween activities in Prague that will get you in the mood for the spooky season while avoiding the hassle of the club crowds.

Photo via: Nightmare Bar

The Taste of Blood, Sweat and Tears 

Dedicated to all horror movie lovers, Nightmare Bar brews up many concoctions inspired by pop culture characters that have fueled fans’ nightmares throughout history. Open Monday to Friday, Nightmare bar offers reservation-based events to satisfy your craze for horror movies and dingy dungeons all year round.

You can enjoy the sweet bitterness of death’s blade in Michael Myer’s Knife with the taste of molasses from spiced rum accompanied by tart pineapple and grenadine. If you want a more funky drink, the Chainsaw will get you hooked with its scarlet red tint from strawberry soda and white rum in place of traditional tequila, which is hard to find in Prague. 

Not a fan of boozy drinks? Non-alcoholic cocktails are also available with equally fashionable names like the Texas Massacre or the Poltergeist, guaranteeing fun for the dedicated drivers.  

An Escape from Hell 

As an alternative to the traditional haunted house experience, Thrill Park Prague offers a more interactive version that will engage the players in multiple levels of physical and mental challenges to earn an escape. Visitors are encouraged to reserve their bookings beforehand for the best experience.

With two options—Scary Dungeon of Horror and the Experiment—visitors can choose between an obstacle course or an escape room experience. Each has its own settings and storylines that will delve into different fear factors and engage the players in various tasks to solve the puzzles.

Photo via: Unión Latina Instagram and Student Council Instagram

A Celebration of the Dead 

Día de los Muertos is a celebration of the dead as a way for the memories of the deceased to be commemorated by the living. In contrast to the common notions of death, the departed souls are welcomed with colorful decorations and a bountiful feast, blurring the boundary between the presence and the afterlife. 

This year, Holešovická Tržnice is hosting a Mexico Pop-Up during Día de los Muertos on November 2 with an outdoor gastro zone serving delicacies from around Latin America. With an additional entrance fee of 290 CZK, you will also have access to an exclusive concert infused with Latin beats and bops, performed by South American bands Mariachi Azteca de Praga and Lozt Mezcal. 

With ongoing activities throughout the whole day from 11:00 until late at night, Mexico Pop-up is a deserving pit stop on your Halloween agenda to explore the world of the dead through a different cultural lens. 

Horror at Your Own Doorstep 

At the comfort of your own university, AAU brings its own flare to the spooky season, with not just one but two different events during Halloween week. 

On November 2, from 11:00 to 21:00, the Union Latina will celebrate Día de Los Muertos by building an ofrenda—an altar traditionally constructed by families to commemorate their loved ones—at the Student Lounge. A screening of the movie Coco will begin at 19:00, with snacks and beverages.

For a Halloween finale, gather your friends at Cafe de Taxis on November 3 for a party organized by the Student Council. It is promised to be a night with food, games, and a costume contest, awaiting AAU’s Peacocks to attend. 

Though the Czech Republic does not celebrate Halloween like North America, Prague offers multiple opportunities to dress up or down and haunt the night away.