Due to modern society new professions appear and some become more significant. Based on AAU’s popularity among students from around the world, one can see that the offered programs are relevant.

Vice president and accreditation liaison officer Katarina Svitkova gives a voice to AAU’s attitude and opinion about new tendencies in the labor-market, and talks about possibilities of opening new programs at AAU. “It’s without a doubt that AAU has to pay attention to changes in labor-market. We want our graduates to be successful in the labor market, so we have to follow the changes in the needs. And we do pay attention to the trends,” says Svitkova.

She mentioned that currently, all programs are under revision as they will be submitted for re-accreditation by the Czech Ministry of Education within two years. The revision is also looking at changes and developments in the fields studied, as well as changes in the labor markets.

“AAU is considering opening and developing new programs, but they must fit into our existing mission and expertise. We cannot open medicine programs, as they would require significant initial investments. We mainly want to focus on developing our expertise and programs we already are,” Svitkova says.