Nation 2 Nation is a student run event at a different hot club location every week exclusively for Prague university students. The event boasts a “multicultural atmosphere”, celebrating a different country and its unique cuisine every Tuesday night.

Drinks are free if you arrive early. The DJs are among Prague’s best. This is a perfect place for students to meet and celebrate with other students. The event organizers at VSE say it best: “The name, ‘Nation 2 Nation Party’, expresses the main idea of these parties–bringing the students together.” To find out more, check out the website at

The most recent Nation 2 Nation was at one of Prague’s most famous clubs, Duplex, located atop a building overlooking Wenceslas Square. Typical cover charges for such clubs can exceed 200kc; however, with your student ID, the cover is only 60kc. Students from every university in Prague attend these events.

Kacenka Sousolousova, a student at the University of Economics, who has been to previous events, says: “I had such an enjoyable time meeting so many other students…This event is always my favorite.” Whether you are in Prague for a semester or three years, Nation 2 Nation will definitely make you want to return every Tuesday.

Going to a Nation 2 Nation event is not the same as going to a typical club. The atmosphere is much more sociable than the usual club. Many students don’t enjoy the typical club scene because of the “old, creepy club goers” who flirt with the younger people.

Ben Kindregan, American study abroad student, complains: “Nothing is more awkward than being hit on by a woman the same age as my grandmother.”

Those individuals will not be found at Nation 2 Nation. Clubs hosting the event charge a cover of 200kc or more for those without a student ID; in some cases, those who look older than student age will be kept from entering.

Nation 2 Nation began seven years ago by the non-profit organization VSE, also called the Buddy System. Initially, the Buddy System helped exchange students at the University of Economics navigate Prague and it organized activities for them.

Nation 2 Nation now includes a mixture of exchange and local students from all over Prague. The event started as small university parties, but over time they grew bigger and were better organized. In the mid-2000s, the parties moved to small clubs and eventually to the largest and better known clubs of Prague.

Nation2 Nation also hosts “Special Parties” like the Halloween and St. Nicholas parties. Expect to find something new at one of these events: a new location, a new theme, game or even a new crowd.