The workshop called The Travel Sketchbook took place Nov. 8 in the |art|SPACE as a part of the Dreaming in the Light project, which includes an exhibition and series of workshops.

Ken Nash, a professional illustrator, led the workshop, curated by Natasha Kirshina. He introduced an idea of keeping a travel sketchbook, which could serve as an alternative to taking photographs.

According to him, drawing is an efficient technique to better capture a moment when traveling. It is not as intruding as taking photographs, where a camera is sometimes “in somebody’s face.” It also helps to fully experience the environment and can serve as a conversation starter.

Nash showed examples of his own work – sketchbooks he has kept while traveling, full of collages, quotes and sketches. He stressed that the drawing does not have to be of any particular quality, as it is only for personal purposes.

In the second part of the workshop, participants got to experience what sketching is all about. Everyone received postcard-like papers and other necessary tools, and went on their own sketching adventure around Mala Strana.

Each participant had a different location marked on a map they received. After about 20 minutes, participants gathered together again and each presented their work, which was in every case original and full of thought.

Students and other participants enjoyed and appreciated the workshop. “I feel like a child again,” said AAU student Hadi A. Khatib. “I think AAU needs more events like that,” said another student Stefan Guzvica. Teresa Tipton, creator of Dreaming in the Light and AAU professor, said she appreciated that the workshop tried to “demystify art as something that people can’t do.”

“I’m very much satisfied with the event,” said Tipton, “It was fun to see everyone’s approach.” Curator of the workshop Natasha Kirshina said she was hoping students would come to the event, and was happy that they did.