A concrete floor with mirror walls
Against ignorance and sloth.
Her ballet shoes and white tutu,
A mentor said “Sous-Sus”.

The rustle of tutus and the muffled clatter of pointe shoes filled the dancing hall. I had never thought that ballet is so compelling. When I first entered the dancing hall and saw these gorgeous ladies warming up before the class, my heart just stopped at the beauty of the scene in front of me. However, this is not the kind of beauty that can be seen on the street, it is something different that only comes from someone special.

My acquaintance with FIBS [First International Ballet School] began with a project for a documentary photography class and continued with a huge interest in studying the art form. I was working on finding new angles that could ruin the cruel stereotypes about ballet. And, I did it! After several weeks working with ballerinas, I realized that the well-known severe precision with mechanical movements has a different nature based on tenderness and inspiration to create art and be a part of it. Each dancer had their own reason to work tirelessly, for example, one considered ballet an internal part of the feminine, while another believed that this type of art creates essential qualities in a person. However, they had one goal: to achieve perfection in every single move. Sometimes, I believed that it is impossible to improve more because even each turn of the head and flick of the finger looked like their own artforms, but I was wrong; there is always room for improvement, and these gorgeous souls proved that to me. Even if you have reached great heights, you should never stop there.