Traveling the world does not equate with escape. Our emotions know nothing about distance or the way this world works.

Truth is, you won’t magically find yourself in others, or stumble across it in the new places you explore abroad. Our identity is in symbiosis with each breath, heartbeat and passing thought we have regardless of location. It’s intertwined with the intangible parts of our being, having no reason to unravel itself to console our misunderstanding and musings.

Being stripped of everything you called home, however, does something interesting. It faces you with what’s left standing: yourself .

In discovering cities, walking down cobbled streets unfamiliar to your footsteps, and entering buildings sceptical of your presence, you see that life has placed you on a trail of mirrors. Those momentary observations, and glimpses of yourself you’ve never taken the time to fully acknowledge, culminate into a symphony of revelations. Harmonizing frequencies of personal discovery cascade into portals leading you into the kaleidoscope realms of your inner world.

You crack the codex when left alone to your own devices, and come to see that this soul operates according to its own cosmic orders, conjuring up constellations only you can fully recognize. You begin to connect the dots by tracing the stars that palpitate within, and realize what a wonderful home this truly is. In feeling out-of-place you understand that your roots run deep, burrowed in soils crafted only for you. Amidst the whirlwind of the unexpected, life rekindles a lifelong romance with the body you’ve inhabited since birth, telling you: this is who you’ve always been. And there it is where you grasp that the search of the self was never an endeavor through the external universe, but rather, an odyssey across the depths of the spirit. Once you align and discern the electric energies at work inside, navigating this life becomes an everlasting dance of revival, moonwalking through the sorrows of the night.

Photo credit: Pexels