The opening of the final |art| SPACE exhibition of 2014 was held Thursday, Nov. 20. “The Next Generation,” a showing of young Czech artists will be the last at the Lazenska 2 |art| SPACE, before relocating to a larger space in the new building this coming spring.

The exhibition of the three students studying in Prague includes works from Nikola Smrckov, who comes from the small town of Libel and studies at Vaclav Hollar College and Secondary School of Arts. Of her work she says,

“I love everything that is abnormal or provocative, I hate conventional and formal things and mass hysteria; I want to be the only one. Concerning my drawings or graphics, they are stylized and fast—drawing studies are boring.”

Prague native Tereza Vaskova is a junior in the Graphic Design Department at VOSG and SPSG Hellichova, a local college and high school with a focus on graphic design. She says the main theme of her work is to show,

“A change—how people in their environment are changing. I also love caricatures of people and trying to highlight their humanity.”

The third artist, Uyanga Undarmaa, is also from Prague and a junior at VOSG and SPSG Hellichova. Undarmaa says most of her works were created in grammar school, one from when she was only 11 years old in Mongolia. She says the pieces she’s chosen for the exhibit are, “trying to contrast the Czech and Mongolian atmosphere,” which includes one graphic painting which is an illustration for Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

The most recent in her collection are two figural drawings from the past year. She says with long days in school her work outside of class consists mostly of small sketches of movements.

“I like to sketch to practice my sight. By catching the moment in my surroundings, finding it interesting that each creative process can bring unexpected improvement.”

“The Next Generation” will be showing for the remainder of the semester until AAU closes for winter break on December 15, but the |art| SPACE will move along to a larger space in the new building at Letenska 5 next semester. The curatorial team of panelists for this project included Katerina Vanova, Karolina Dolanska, Darima Batorova, and Tony Ozuna.