This year, we have an exciting opportunity for our students here at AAU. As a university partner of MYFLYRIGHT, we encourage students who would like to showcase their original ideas to take part in the 2019 Legal Tech Essay Contest.

Technology is now an integral part of any business, and the legal field is no exception. With advancements in Legal Tech come questions on how to improve, how to fine-tune, and how to push innovation forward in order to make a positive difference in the legal sphere.

MYFLYRIGHT is a company which allows customers to file claims for flight issues, such as delays or cancellations, without having to pay court or legal fees. The customer has access to justice with no financial risk, making the process of claiming simpler and stress-free. This is all made possible due to an algorithm which enables the processing of a large number of claims in a small amount of time, so on the customer’s end, the process of submitting their claim only takes a few minutes. MYFLYRIGHT not only incorporates Legal Tech into their business, but the company is also passionate about adopting new technology to improve their customers’ experience in the future – which is why they are interested to hear new ideas on innovations in this area. 

The 2019 Legal Tech Essay Contest provides applicants with a platform to write about one of three topics related to Legal Tech – Business Innovation, Access to Justice, or Effectiveness. Do you feel there is a niche in the legal market that is being ignored? Do you have a unique concept on how to help those seeking legal aid? Now you can voice your ideas! Those who participate have the chance to win up to 1000 € as well as a trip to the 2020 Legal Tech Event in Hamburg, where you can present your ideas and meet professionals in the business.

The deadline is December 31, so it’s time to get started!

For further details on essay topics, requirements, or evaluation methods, visit MYFLYRIGHT.

Photo provided by MYFLYRIGHT