Michal Hron, a 20-year-old student of business administration at Anglo-American University, and a competitive swimmer of more than seven years just recently swam his way into the Czech Book of Records. Together with seven team members, he swam a 100-kilometer relay between April 20 and 21

How did you start with swimming?
I lived across the street from swimming pool and we started going there with school. Then I was sort of recruited by the private swimming school. 

What was your first experience with swimming?
The first thing was to overcome the fear of putting your face under water. I wasn’t naturally inclined to jump there, but I overcame that and it came to me.

How often do you swim?
Now it is reduced because of the university, so once or twice a week for an hour or so. I do a lot of walking and running – that keeps you in shape and then you just jump into the water.

What is your personal record?
The achievement I’m the most proud of is the 10-kilometer relay.

How long did it take you to swim the 10 kilometers?
We swam as a group of eight people – 100 kilometers together. We were taking turns, so I had 40 minutes of sleep and then I swam for one or half kilometer. I was pretty constant, so 24 to 25 minutes for one kilometer.

Why do you like swimming?
Out of the other sports, what I like about is that you don’t sweat [laughter]. You wash as you do it. Also, it is close to a form of meditation. You need to keep going, you need to confront your thoughts. 

Do you think that swimming helps you perform better at school?
Actually it does. The qualities you develop there…the perseverance. It helps to clear your head…

Is there anything about swimming you want to share with readers?
Don’t drown [laughter]