The Anglo-American University held another one of annual student council elections in the week of Sep. 22. Students were choosing between 13 candidates.

The number of candidates this year increased compared to last year elections, in which 8 students ran for the SC positions.

Michal Hron became the new student council president and Adi Hadzic the new vice-president. The council members elected both at the Student Council Leadership Development Day, which was held Sunday, Sept. 28. During the day, new members had a chance to get to know each other and discuss future events and new policies that they would want to put in motion.

In addition, student council positions were divided as follows: Martin Ranninger became the secretary and Jan Vicher the treasurer. Other seats of the student council were filled with six students: Anastasiya Shishkina, Tereza Kickova, Kamila Suchomel, Vojtech Kotek, Tumpreet Singhota and Oleksandra Modelska.

New SC President Michal Hron in his email encouraged students to attend weekly SC meetings and raise any questions or concerns that they may be having. Hron mentioned that a date and agenda of the meetings will be announced on Facebook, though student council agreed to have their meetings on Wednesdays from 5:30 pm in room 022.

While asked about future school events, Hron confirmed the following: The International Day, Tea Workshops, Paintball, Laser Tag, Graduation Party, Christmas Charity Events, and the Farewell BBQ.

However, the decision is not final yet, as the specific plans for events are “currently decided by members of the Student Council,” according to Hron. “We need to allocate the budget and prepare a plan of events we plan to work on throughout the year,” he added. Such plan is supposed to be ready “in less than two weeks.”