Do you ever dream of running as a candidate for an election? Though sorry, we are not talking about the American Presidential Election this November, but the upcoming AAU Student Council election. If you wish to bring more AAU students together, improve their lives on campus, and make our 3-year experience here even more memorable and meaningful, this is your chance.

The Student Council is an autonomous body within AAU which represent student interests in developing strategies, policies and programs of the university. It also secures student representation in university governance, while organizing and supervising various student activities, including AAU clubs.

“We constantly work on making AAU a more desirable place for our students to spend time in,” says Adi Hadzic, the President of SC. “We have initiated the opening of the student lounge on the third floor of the library and improved the conditions at the Printing Center in the main building.”

The Student Council goal for the upcoming year is to improve the variety of educational events by organizing conferences, open discussions and debates for students, shared Hadzic.

There are 12 members of the Student Council with four of them taking the main positions: President, Vice President, Treasury, and Secretary. Each position is occupied by one person.

Additionally, the SC is considering to create three more officially recognized positions: a Club Coordinator, a PR Manager and a so-called IT Manager. The Club Coordinator would manage and oversee all the clubs and related matters. The PR Manager would be responsible for promotion of SC’s events. The IT Manager would design posters and tickets for the events, managing the SC website and Facebook page. The purpose of these new positions is to “redistribute the workload and make sure all students in the SC contribute equally,” said Hadzic.

All degree seeking, study abroad and exchange students with good academic standing (GPA>2) are eligible for running.

The candidate must register with the Student Life Specialist Iveta Moravkova and provide a short bio, a photo and a signed declaration of candidacy.

The deadline for registration is Friday noon, September 9, 2016. (As of Friday, the deadline has been extended to Sunday by midnight.)

Afterwards, the bios and pictures will be published on the notice board at AAU and online for students consideration. The candidates will be voted based on these bios.

All students can vote – degree seeking, study abroad and exchange students alike. Degree seeking students choose 10 candidates, study abroad students and Erasmus students choose one each. To vote, students must show an ID and provide their student identification number. The ballot is anonymous.

Five degree seeking students are elected each September and five are elected each February. In addition, one exchange student and one study abroad student will be elected both in the Fall and Spring. However, this time all the ten degree seeking students will be elected: top five highest voted will get a full year term and the other five a shortened 6-month term.

The elections will take place from September 12 through September 14. The polling station will be open at the entrance hall by the main staircase on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday:

  • 10:30-11:30
  • 14:00-15:00
  • 17:30-18:30

From 15:00 until 17:00 voting will be possible in the Student Life Specialist Iveta Moravkova’s office in 4.13.

The election will take place from Sep 12 through Sep 14 at the entrance hall
“The election will take place from Sep 12 through Sep 14 at the entrance hall”

Have fun running and voting. May the votes be ever in your favour.

For further information about the SC members and its constitution, visit

Cover photo courtesy of the Student Council

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