From the beginning, 2020 seemed disconcerting and unprecedented: promises of the “Third World War”, continuous fires in Australia, various catastrophes…

However, the coronavirus was far. We never thought that we could all be locked in our apartments for several months without the opportunity to meet each other in person or lead our lives the way we used to. 

March 16th is the date when the Czech Republic announced closing the borders. Anglo-American University decided to introduce a distance learning program. It turned out to be a challenge for many professors, staff members, and students. Thankfully, the Student Council and the Student Virtual Task Force’s efforts helped improve the distance learning system and get our community through this abnormal semester. 

In many ways, the quarantine turned out to be a source of creativity for our students. In addition to our team’s original material, Lennon Wall Magazine presents the set of quarantine articles provided by Andrew Giarelli, as well as an astonishing documentary photo project which showed us the quarantines in different countries, edited by Björn Steinz. 

Coronavirus brought a lot of difficulties into all of our lives; the Lennon Wall Magazine suffered as well. Unfortunately, our budget was significantly cut and we will only print 50 copies, which is an extremely small amount for our university. Of course, we could have made adjustments such as featuring fewer pages or using cheaper printing. However, we decided to provide quality before quantity. There won’t be an opportunity for every student to take a copy, but there’s another way to read the magazine: the online issue is always available on our website. Visit to have full access to every print issue. 

We want to thank every person who took part in this issue. The beginning of the year was demanding, but we still have six months left in 2020 and only time will show what happens next. We hope that this Lennon Wall issue will comfort, inform and inspire you:)

Also, don’t forget to come to the presentation of this issue. Meet us at Cafe des taxis at 5 pm. 


The Lennon Wall Editors