The student council met in room 104 on Tuesday, Oct. 15. This meeting mainly focused on the agenda of the student council and how to divide work amongst its members.

Student Jacob Sackett found ten students who were interested in joining the basketball club. The only remaining issue is finding a club advisor. Daniel Padolsky said that every club needs a member from the academic council.

Council members Kristina Frankova and Anna Savina volunteered to be in charge of the ball, but it is too big of an event that will require the involvement of the entire panel. Vice president, Radovan Fafilek said that despite his efforts, the university has been unwilling to cooperate with the council regarding the Halloween party.

Fafilek will be the “go-to-guy” during the upcoming Career Day. Treasurer, Jan Vicher will also be present; helping out as a representative of the student council. They are allocating a 1000 CZK to the event. Fafilek suggested that since the council is involved financially, there should be their banner at the event.

“Then you have to organize that. That’s your baby,” said president Tanya Bechev. There had been a banner in the previous years, but it was misplaced. “Guard that with your life. We should be aware of the whereabouts of the banner,” said Bechev.

The panel is planning various events throughout the year. Students can look forward to the following in November:
– Career Day and Job Fair
– Christmas Charity & Party

In February:
– Valentine’s Day
– International Day
– Poker Night

In March:
– AAU Ball
– Awards Ceremony (incorporated into the Ball)
– Relax and Study Skills

In April:
– Driving Range & Champagne
– Discover Prague Cultural Day

In May:
– Paintball
– Farewell Party/ BBQ

The student council has finalized their budget, which now needs to be reviewed by the university.