On Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 AAU´s |art|SPACE reopened after being closed for the last two months. The previous exhibition (a display of semester projects of Nathalia Vasquez´ ART 251 and ART 252 students) had been closed on May 17 and was the last official project before the reopening.

The new exhibition is called Dreaming in the Light, created by Teresa Tipton and curated by Natasha Kirshina. The exhibition is a composition of paintings, drawings, prints and glass that accompany Tipton through parts of her life.

After giving visitors about thirty minutes to absorb the pictures for themselves, Tipton officially opened the exhibition by introducing herself, telling the audience about parts of her life and the experiences, which have influenced her work. It plays with an idea that even in darkness, light always is present.

After the original reception Tipton read some pieces of her own poetry, that best corresponded with exhibition and invited other artists to “respond” to the exhibition by presenting some of their own work. One of Tipton´s intentions with the project was to allow for different kinds of media to intersect and present the notion that although each piece is separate from the other and shows a kind of inner progression, the emergence of light from darkness, the pieces can be seen as whole.

Other artists responded, some of whom had prepared a few of their own projects, while some others improvised works. The guest artists picked up on Tipton´s idea of using different kinds of media by using poetry or music to convey their ideas and thoughts that came to mind when experiencing her exhibition.

Borrowed Instructions, an on-going project in an attempt to answer the question, “What happens to the work of art when it is no longer in possession of the artist, but is ‘borrowed’ by the audience?” followed the opening exhibition. Dreaming in the Light continues into a series of workshops embodying the concept of transformation through different form and context.