Residents and visitors around the Jiřího z Poděbrad (JZP) metro station can finally get around faster after nine months of using alternate means of transport due to the extensive renovation project.

The primary project at the JZP station was replacing the escalators to comply with EU regulations; the station has not been in operation since January 14, 2023. The project also included repairing water leaks, replacing damaged stone tiles and paving, installing new energy-efficient LED lighting in the ceiling panels, and modernizing the signs.

“The replacement of the escalators was planned long in advance and is part of the modernization of the station, which has not undergone any major reconstruction in almost 42 years of operation,” said Prague Integrated Transport.

The station’s cell service, air conditioning, fire prevention devices, and cabling were upgraded. JZP is another metro station testing a new, user-friendly navigation system with a black coloured visual.

Photo by: Sophia Pedigo

At an estimated cost of 1.29 billion CZK, the renovation project brought the architecture back to its original ‘80s style. The ceremonial opening of the station took place on December 19, 1980, making it the second-deepest station in the Prague metro system. 

“It also has the second-longest escalator tunnel, and the traffic height of the escalators here is the third highest at almost 37 meters,” said Marko Kopřiva, technical director of DPP Metro.

Photo by: Sophia Pedigo

Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad is one of the most important and popular squares in the Czech capital with an urban park that hosts weekly farmers markets and festivals, overlooked by the Art Nouveau Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord from 1932. The Vinohrady square was also renovated in 2022 to include more greenery, an irrigation system, and an improved playground.

With the closure of the JZP metro station, many were inconvenienced by having to find longer, more complicated routes to their destinations. Whether they are headed to school, work, or to complete their errands, passengers can now finally resume their original journey.

“I don’t live or study around JZP, but it affected me because one of the yoga studios I frequent is located there… I shall admit that this daily rushing and stress whether I’d get to the studio on time slightly discouraged me from attending yoga classes regularly,” said Lora Lukova, an AAU student.

In May 2024, the JZP metro station will have an elevator, making it the 47th accessible platform out of 61 in the Prague metro system.