Prague is a nightlife capital of the Czech Republic with a significant number of street bars. Whether you favor serious cocktails or beer-and-shot specials, no matter if you are a local or a visitor, Prague always accepts the challenge to serve your thirst. Whatever your tastes might be, you must visit the street V Kolkovne, where the poshest bars are located: L’Fleur, Tretter’s and Crystal Bars.

L’Fleur, a Parisian flower in the center of Prague, is the best place to enjoy conversation and unusual cocktails. Don’t be too surprised if you get a drink with an artificial flower or exotic fruit inside your drink. The smokeless and quiet atmosphere will make you feel relaxed and help you enjoy the lovely Friday evening. Great cocktails are prepared by professional bartenders and all of the clients receive French-style service, including French-speaking waiters. Even if you order an Old Fashioned Cocktail, the bartender will come up with an artistic idea for how to serve it in an extraordinary way.

Crystal bar is one with a fabulous atmosphere with pink lights and white leather sofas. You might dive into the steam – not because of the tobacco smoke, but because of the new molecular mixology serving. It seems that cocktails appear from nowhere. You close your eyes, and when you open them, white steam vanishes, leaving you alone with your drink. All of the waiters are professionals in their field and will describe all of the drinks and the history behind them. Remarkably tasty cocktails, beautifully decorated interior and delicious food make this place worth the visit.

Tretter’s Bar is one of those that has served its gastronomic tradition for 90 years and has been passed down from fathers to sons over many generations. A deep red color immerses the interior and brings the atmosphere of New York and Paris to the middle-eastern capital. It is not surprising to meet an artist,a model or even a politician here. It is amazing to watch your cocktail be prepared, all the while the staff make you feel comfortable and energized.

Photo courtesy of Stefani Stefovska