AAU students no longer need to suppress their musical talents. The jam session for everyone interested in casual performing happens regularly at Sberne Suroviny in Vrsovice at 7pm Friday (Krymska 2, 110 00, Prague 10). AAU student Anthony Tucker is behind the idea.

“We were coming here quite often and one day just decided to start playing,” said Tucker. His friend Edward Jones, the main guitar player and the most animated performer of the night, says he is “waiting for new talents to show up.”  “Many times it ends up with other people singing and playing,” said Jones with a smile. “I like that. I’d much rather be a ‘producer of talent’ than talent itself.”

After the event for the jam session was posted on the AAU Facebook page, some of the students came around to check it out Oct. 4. “It’s a very nice way to meet new people,” said Diana Lundholm, student of International Relations. “The atmosphere is very relaxed so it makes it easier to talk to people.” Jen D’Souza, another AAU student, agreed that the casual atmosphere, “makes people more comfortable and more likely to join in on the music.”

The location itself is unpredictable; without knowing what you are looking for, it can be mistaken for a “hole in the wall”. At a second glance, Sberne Suroviny surprises with an artsy space and a small stage waiting for its performers. The pub is not in the immediate center of Prague, therefore the crowd is a mix of locals and international students. It has an overall feel of a proper Czech “hospoda.” Beer is a given, as well as mulled wine and simple mixed drinks.

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