As the new editors of Lennon Wall, we are giving YOU the chance to become a part of this year’s production team!

Whether you’re beginning your first year, finishing your last or are somewhere in between, it’s always a good idea to think of ways to enrich your CV. And working at Lennon Wall is one of them!

A position at Lennon Wall will help you build on your skills and provide you with the necessary work experience that will help you down your career path.

Below are the available positions that you can apply for right now!

Magazine Layout Designer

  • Create a magazine layout every semester with work approved for publishing using        Indesign
  • Work with the PR manager to decide on the most suitable poster designs
  • Create graphics, posters and press passes
  • Have a strong creative vision and a good knowledge of graphic design software            programs

Section Editor

  • Sections: On Campus, Culture, Multimedia, Opinion, Creative Writing
  • Maintain the flow of content into the section you’re responsible for
  • Generate interesting and relevant article topics to suggest to the contributors to the      section

Website Editor

  • Work closely with section editors on the development of the design and layout of          web pages
  • Publish articles on the website
  • Maintain the flow of daily new content  

Social Media Editor

  • Develop and follow a posting schedule in an efficient and orderly manner
  • Update social media outlets daily with news, upcoming events/contests/activities on      campus, videos, photographs, and more
  • Monitor comments and handle replies with readers

Public Relations Manager

  • Organize contests, events, and activities on campus to boost student engagement
  • Establish partnerships with media houses, theaters and organizations in Prague
  • Help section editors with the production and design of special pages of the section


  • Have an excellent command of American-English
  • Closely follow the writing guidelines that will be provided
  • Effectively communicate any corrections or changes made in the articles to the            authors

Photographer / Videographer

  • Work with section editors on proposed projects
  • Submit photo/video stories and creative work
  • Cooperate with photo/video editors to edit and finalize the submitted work before        publishing


  • Communicate with section editors on the suggested topics to write about
  • Produce articles that correspond to any of the chosen sections
  • Work with proofreaders to polish the submitted articles before publishing

And finally…

Send a brief motivation letter to introducing yourself. Make sure to include:

  • What year you’re in
  • What position you’re applying for and why
  • What skills you have related to the position you are applying for
  • If you have any previous experience in the field of work you have picked

The deadline for submitting your motivation letter is September 15.

Have a great semester and good luck!