Writing Club’s Poetry Picnic boosted excitement for their next month’s Poetry Night while exhibiting what the club is all about under the late afternoon sun on April 8 amid the blossoming petals.

This meeting was the first of its kind, but it drew inspiration from the club’s beloved Poetry Night which will be held in early May. The Poetry Picnic acted as a precursor to this event, but takes a fresh new Spring twist. 

“If you like good vibes, cheese, wine, and poetry, you will always be having a good time at writing club,” said Jo, the club’s President. 

Photo by: Madison Codoner

Basking in the first blushes of Spring, Writing Club’s 14 members openly read prose, as the sounds of poetry reverberated from the trees. 

The warm breeze attracted students who sat around in a circle, drinking wine and eating grapes as verses were passed around. Some attendees read their own poetry while others contributed through the books they were currently reading.

Photo by: Ela Angevine

“But in the absence of war, love skewers all men. And their death becomes living evermore in the upside down tower where they find I lay and wait. Among barren lawns and beautiful children, the heroics of death are disband. They forgive nothing and forget themselves as they lay with me. For I am the death they wish for,” read Mae Bryant from her notebook, as students sat and quietly listened. 

After each reading, the poets were met with praise around the circle as the next person geared up to read. With little pressure to present if you did not want to, many in attendance listened and enjoyed rather than participating. 

Photo by: Ela Angevine

“Has your isolation given birth to a new language – does your silence scream yes,” read Kayla Arroyo—her own words in a sure and precise voice.

Poetry Night should be held in early May, although there is no set date or time yet. The event usually starts with a group activity, and is followed by prose and other works shared by participants. Even if you do not want to share, it is worth coming just to listen.

If you are interested in participating in a writing environment that encourages and welcomes ideas in any form, join us! The Instagram posts serve as updates and their meeting times are Mondays at 17:45 in the AAU Library.