When the calendar tells you summer is over but you do not want to let it go, there is a trick to make it last a bit longer. Prague has an impressive variety of good-quality ice cream places – sugar-coated associates of the summer time. However, Angelato, Crème de la Crème and Zmrzlinář definitely stand out among them all.


Angelato is, perhaps, the most popular ice-cream spot in the whole city. But do not let the long, seemingly unending lines scare you – it is all worth it. The family-run cafe offers a big variety of true Italian-style ice cream, which cannot be found anywhere else in Prague. Angelato regularly offers a “taste of the month”; and Avocado in April is majestic. Among the most unusual ice cream flavors the place has to offer are Spinach, Parmesan and Nut, and Olive Oil gelato. Friendly staff and convenient locations (one in Mustek, another near Naplavka) are also a big plus. Do not miss Pear and White Wine sorbet this September!

Crème de la Crème

Another ice-cream place, Crème de la Crème, is in walking distance from AAU (it usually takes two scoops of ice cream to get to the next class). This small French café, hidden in between the narrow streets neighboring the Old Town Square, has a tiny patio where you can enjoy crepes or ice cream (or better, both). They also offer no less than five kinds of vegan sorbet. Natural flowers, white cloths and French retro music fuel the atmosphere. Tip: try Lavender, Chocolate-Chili and Strawberry-Basil flavors, they are the best.


Zmrzlinář is the youngest out of the three ice-cream places. It opened just a year ago but already has an impressive number of fans. If you want to receive an aesthetic pleasure in addition to heavenly good taste – this is the place for you. There are many tables inside, where you can enjoy your ice cream while observing a modern design of the café. Every day Zmrzlinář has a newly-composed menu (about sixteen different flavors) that you can check online. The tastes are quite unusual: from Green Tea to Kiwi and Buckthorn. Zmrzlinář is located in Vinohrady – one of the most bar-filled neighborhoods in Prague, so you can continue the adventure with a glass of dry wine.