The success  of their cafe Muj Salek in the Karlín district of Prague allowed doubleshot to open a new modern cafe in Dejvice named Místo (The Spot). Doubleshot is a Czech coffee roastery founded in 2010 by three coffee enthusiasts.

“We want to offer coffee of unprecedented quality while treating the producers and nature with due respect,”says Jaroslav Tucek, one of the founders.

The Spot is surrounded by grand villas from Masaryk’s era.The interior is  airy and light, segregated only by wooden panels which, together with the tables and chairs made of bent wood, simultaneously create a feeling of elegance and coziness.  . The bar is made of glass and polished grey stone. It is managed by two barristers using their latte art skills in  the manner of cocktail bars. A mention must also be made of the hand-painted wall at the back of the cafe, promoting common objects in an uncommon, colourful way.

Upon my first visit I went along with the barista offer and ordered a “Tasting Flight” featuring 3 different coffee blends. Anyone who would like to test their inner coffee expert should go with this choice! You will be presented with cups on a wooden plate and a paper detailing the blend names and their characteristics. Your task is to match the cups with the blends based on fragrance and taste. I guessed all of them correctly, would you?

Buckwheat pancakes and homemade granola accompanied by Indian Chai Tea will give your day a start it deserves. If you miss the breakfast, no worries, The Spot also offers lunch and dinner menus, which include smoked salmon, quesadillas, and autumn vegetable curry.

To avoid starting your day decaffeinated, go get your beans of liquid energy everyday from 9 am – 10 pm. Make sure you hurry on Sundays- – they close at 6 pm!

By Klara Chmelarova

Music junkie, Empress of Chaos and your one stop shop for awkward jokes. Married to hard music and instrumentals. Would sell her family for glass of good wine.